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Musings from Mercury

From Springer Mountain in Georgia to Katahdin in Maine, my nearly 52 days spent on the Appalachian Trail were like a hyperlapse of rising and falling suns, moons, stars, storms, calm, mountains, valleys… it wasn’t so much a daily endeavor, but more like a singular continuous stretch, moving ever forward. I felt so confident andContinue reading “Musings from Mercury”

Jupiter’s Final Reflection on Mercury’s AT Transit

From a misty, moist midnight start on Springer (7/7) to a crystal-clear, cool, windy late afternoon end atop Katahdin (8/27), it was a journey of relentless forward motion steeped in perseverance, resiliency, focus, discipline, patience, adaptability, and sound decision-making.  It was a trek filled with natural beauty, smooth teamwork, intelligence, raw emotion and overcoming fear/self-doubt.Continue reading “Jupiter’s Final Reflection on Mercury’s AT Transit”

Fifty -first day W 8/26/20

START:  West Branch Ponds Rd.  5 am FINISH: Pollywog Stream  7:45 pm 37.3 miles      14:45     2.5 mph 2,171.1 total miles   42.8 mpd Great weather – breezy, blue sky, cool temps Mercury heads off into the ‘Plain of Reflection’ – a relatively flat section of trail before Katahdin. She glides at a goodContinue reading “Fifty -first day W 8/26/20”

Fiftieth day T 8/25/20

START:  ME Rt. 15     2 am FINISH: West Branch Ponds Rd. (Logan Brook Rd.)   11:50 pm 44.7 miles       21:50      2.0 mph 2,133.8 total miles  42.8 mpd average Misty, moist pre-morning; torrential thunderstorm mid-morning; clear in afternoon and evening What a way to celebrate one’s 35th birthday! Another ‘statement’ day fromContinue reading “Fiftieth day T 8/25/20”


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