Giving Back

I believe that everyone should have the same freedom and opportunity to access the outdoors as I currently experience, and I would like to recognize and lift up the following organizations dedicated to connecting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to the outdoors through movement: Wings of America – Inspired by the cultural, spiritual and competitive legacy of Native runners, Wings empowers and provides support for Native youth and their families; SoulTrak Outdoors, connecting communities of color to outdoor spaces while also building a coalition of diverse outdoor leaders; and Outdoor Afro, inspiring Black connections and leadership in nature, with networks in nearly every state the AT goes through. I donated to each of these organizations, and would encourage visitors to this site to learn more and donate at,, and

I would also like to thank the 31 Affiliated A.T. Maintaining Clubs of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. They are responsible for most of the day-to-day work of keeping the A.T. open. Because of spring trail closures due to Covid-19, they have only recently been given the green light to return to the trail. In addition to Trail maintenance, club volunteers build and repair shelters and other structures, monitor and protect the Trail corridor, monitor and manage rare plants and invasive species, develop management plans for their sections, and much, much more. As a small way of saying thank you, I donated to each of these clubs. To learn more about each club, donate, or become a member, visit their websites: