Quick Facts / FAQ

Start date: July 7th from the southern terminus on Springer Mountain in Georgia

Overall supported record: 41 days, 7 hours, and 39 minutes set by Karel Sabbe

Women’s supported record: 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes set by Jennifer Pharr Davis

Length of the trail: 2,193 miles

Daily mileage required to break current records (women’s and overall): 47-53 miles per day

A typical day on the trail if all goes to plan: 16-17 hours of running/hiking including breaks, ~30 minutes getting ready in the morning, ~30 minutes cleaning up/winding down at night, 6-7 hours of sleep

What will you eat/drink? Pretty much anything that’s calorie dense, easy to grab-and-go, and/or easy to get down. Sandwiches, wraps, protein shakes, fruit, pastries, chips, bars, juice, soda, etc. I’m not taking sport-specific gels or chews or anything like that, though I am bringing electrolyte tablets to dissolve in my water, knowing it will be hot and humid for a good portion of the hike.

Are you sponsored? Nope! I am, however, a member and co-founder of Portland-based Rose City Track Club, and happy to be part of the Hare A.C., a global community of runners created by Boston-based Tracksmith.

Addressing travel restrictions, park/trail closures, and Covid-19: My crew and I are taking every measure to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19 by getting tested, wearing masks as required indoors or when keeping a distance of six feet isn’t possible, minimizing resupplies and arranging contactless delivery when possible, and providing our own shelters and avoiding places where hikers congregate. The entire trail from Georgia to Maine is open for use, though some restrictions for out-of-state visitors remain in the northern-most states; this may mean leaving the trail to get tested before entering certain states, contacting state health departments regarding this particular circumstance and following their guidance, and/or making some difficult decisions if the situation gets worse over the next month. My crew and I will post trail updates from my blog and I won’t be posting on social media during the hike, as to not take up space or glorify traveling and thru-hiking at this time. While this is a personal journey at its core, I want to be transparent about my progress in the record attempt.